Behaviour Based Safety

  • Scientific research has shown that most of the accidents that occur in the industries across the world are a result of unsafe acts committed by workers rather than unsafe conditions. Behavior Based Safety is a Safety Management system relies heavily on the psychology of learning and motivation through stimulus and response as a result of workplace observation and corresponding feedback. BBS is one of the principle strategy that focuses on mitigating the risks involved with Unsafe Acts/Behaviors through a Scientific Behavioral Approach. Behavioral Safety “focuses on what people do, analyzes why they do it, and then applies a research supported intervention strategy to improve their behavior”.

    Behavior Based Safety ( BBS ) will help your company:

    • •  To understand behavior modification principles.
    • •  To identify root causes of unsafe Acts/ Behavior.
    • •  To minimize repetition of unsafe Acts to prevent injuries.
    • •  To generate safety commitment between the employee.
    • •  To control hazard to prevent accident.


    EQMS Ingenuity is a leading pioneer in developing & implementing BBS into the enterprise level in India. EQMS Ingenuity Behavior-Based Safety program provides a customized approach to Identify & Reduce unsafe acts & conditions(root cause of work place accidents). Our Behavior-Based Safety program places greater emphasis on employee involvement in the use of the observation data to develop action plans for continuous improvements in safety. As a result, our BBS program creates a much higher and more consistent level of feedback supporting safe workplace practices. EQMS Ingenuity helps companies develop strong “SAFETY CULTURE” that takes their safety performance to the next level and in turn improves the overall performance of the companies. Your Company can also experience this transformation with our -“ EQMS Ingenuity - 7 Step Based BBS programme Assistance from Design till performance” that includes: >
    • •  Development of Customized BBS process.
    • •  Safety Climate Assessments & Rating.
    • •  BBS Process Audit.
    • •  BBS-Trainings ( A. Leadership Team Module B. Supervisors Module C. Workman Module ).
    • •  BBS-Train the Trainers.
    • •  State of Art Behavioral Observation Software-“We Observe ”.

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